Updated Doorknocking Tips and Tricks

Updated Door Knocking Tips and Tricks

Just say the words “door knocking” in a room of real estate agents and feel the tension rise.

You will most likely start to hear the murmurings of agents assuring each other that it doesn’t
work and that it’s old fashioned. The truth is that anything that puts you in front of prospective
sellers is going to help you find new listings. The best place to find a home seller is at their home.

Door knocking does work, but it’s still important to do it correctly. Follow these few tips to make the time worth it.

• Come Prepared – Know the home values of the neighborhood before you go. Have analysis ready to
share and leave with home owners, including current market statistics for their area.

• Use a Script – It might sound old fashioned, but memorize a few quick lines to get the conversation started.

• Door Knock Around an Open House – If you are planning an open house, use this as an opening
subject with other home owners. Plan to door knock before the open house and invite them to attend.

• Stand Back – Today safety needs to be on the top of your list. Stand away from the door so the
owner doesn’t feel threatened and you are safely away from the inside of the home.

• Be Consistent – Choose an area, or farm, and door knock on a regular basis.

• Offer Something of Value – One of the best ideas for door knocking is holding a community
garage sale. Coordinate a weekend for the street or neighborhood; bring flyers to advertise the
event and have donuts and treats the day of the sale. Door knock during the sales and make friends.

• Be creative – Some great ideas are small toys for kids or treats for dogs as leave behinds if
no one is home, with your card of course.

Door knocking used properly can be an effective part of an overall farm marketing plan. Nothing
beats face-to-face talking with potential sellers and home owners are all potential sellers.

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