Hosting Open Houses In Winter

Hosting Open Houses in Winter

Real estate doesn’t stop just because it’s cold outside. Your clients expect the same attention

to detail regardless of whether there’s snow on the ground and this includes regular open houses.
Not only does the open house showcase the home for potential buyers, but can offer a great lead
generation avenue for you, so cold or not, you will need to host open houses during the winter

Here are a few tips to make sure your winter open house is a success.

• Keep Warm – Every room in the home should have adequate heat. Avoid overheating, but make sure
that buyers can move through the home in a comfortable temperature. If there is a fireplace, light
it and create a cozy atmosphere.

• Clean and Clear – Before the open house and if necessary during, keep the pathways clear of
snow and debris. Not only does it keep visitors safe, but avoids tracking dirt and mud into the

• Know the Forecast – Make sure you know the weather forecast for your open house. If a huge
storm is expected, it might make sense to postpone.

• Remember the Exterior – During the winter months, it’s hard to encourage buyers to go outside,
but if the home has a lovely garden, use pictures to show off summer blooms and the outdoor
lifestyle the home offers.

Winter Open Houses can really show off a home. A cozy fire and holiday decorations can really make
the home sparkle. Take care of the basics so buyers just see the beautiful listing and

picture themselves on a cold day in the home.

Holiday gift giving can be a simple way to remind your clients that you value their business and wish them the best during this time.

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