Decoding Real Estate Buyer Feedback

A professional agent will always seek out potential buyer feedback after a showing. Of course the first bit of feedback is that the buyer did not write an offer. While that’s never good news,
the most important thing going forward is to find out why. Only by hearing the unpleasant feedback
can the seller make adjustments which can result in a sale.

The problem is that buyers do not always say what they mean. Here are a few examples of “what they
said” and “what they mean.”

• “It was too small” – Might be a matter of removing furniture to make rooms appear roomier or it
could be that the price doesn’t match the size of the home.

• “We found another home” – Remember that most buyers find homes online before

they go see them; if they don’t like what they see there is a reason. Often this is because the
pictures were better than the actual home. Make sure your pictures are accurate, positive, but
accurate so you attract the right buyers.

• “The home is too dated” – This is tough, but you should consider new paint or carpet, a quick sprucing up.

• “We’ve decide to buy new construction” – These buyers have decided they are willing to spend
more for a brand new home with modern features.

Buyer feedback is tricky. Glaring issues will be easily understood – “there are pet smells,” “the
home is dark,” “the street is too busy.” These are clear concerns, but others are more difficult to
decipher. Control the things you can and accept what you can’t – sounds like an AA slogan, but it works in real estate too.

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