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christmas marketing ideas for realtors - living room fireplace

15 Festive Christmas Marketing Ideas for Realtors

As the holiday season approaches, discovering effective Christmas marketing ideas for realtors becomes crucial in navigating the unique blend of challenges and opportunities presented. Amidst the festive frenzy, while families often prefer settling into their new homes, and businesses look to establish themselves before the new year, the period is ripe with potential for realtors […]

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Finding Your Real Estate Niche – 20 lucrative niches

New real estate agents often try to be everything to everyone. In the excitement of a new career, they take every client and often drive great distances to work with any client that calls them. Seasoned agents realize that this can pull you in too many directions and makes it difficult to truly offer something […]

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price reduction plan for real estate listings (1)

How to Create a Successful Price Reduction Plan For Real Estate Listings

Learning how to create a proactive price reduction plan for real estate is crucial. As a real estate agent, you know that pricing a home correctly is imperative to selling it quickly and for the best possible price. However, even with the most thorough market analysis, there may come a time when a home is […]

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hashtags for real estate

101 Best Real Estate Hashtags Every Agent Needs

Why use the 101 Best Real Estate Hashtags? Real Estate hashtags are not just a trend but a powerful tool for your real estate marketing strategy. Just like SEO, there’s a method to the hashtag madness. Leveraging the right hashtags can connect you to a wider audience and bring in new leads. But how do […]

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how to stay in touch with real estate clients

How to Stay In Touch with Real Estate Clients (15 Easy Ways)

Learn how to stay in touch with real estate clients using creative, omnichannel tactics in this blog. It provides 15 examples for building lasting relationships with past, current, and potential clients to generate repeat and referral business. In the competitive real estate industry, building lasting relationships with clients is key to generating repeat and referral […]

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gift ideas for real estate clients

Holiday Gift Ideas for Real Estate Clients

The holiday season will be here before we know it. As a real estate agent, this is the perfect time to show your clients some appreciation through thoughtful gifts. Finding meaningful gifts that demonstrate your gratitude, and strengthening those client relationships in the process, should be a priority. In this post, we’ll explore 10 great […]

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real estate photography tips

22 Easy Real Estate Photography Tips for Real Estate Agents

Follow these easy real estate photography tips if you’re taking your own photos of your listings to make them look like a pro took them! Real estate photography is more than just snapping a few pictures of a property. It’s an art form that requires skill, planning, and a keen eye for detail. A well-photographed […]

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Best Real Estate Agent Branding Guide for Top Agents

If you are a realtor, there is no question that branding yourself is important. However, what exactly does “real estate agent branding” mean? Branding encompasses all the marketing efforts that go into making your business recognizable and memorable to your clients. This includes everything from an online presence on social media to professional email signatures […]

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how to get clients for real estate

How To Find Clients For Real Estate: 10 Effective Ideas

Learning how to find clients for real estate is one of the most critical activities for real estate agents and brokers to engage in on a consistent basis. Without a steady stream of motivated and qualified buyers and sellers, it becomes extremely difficult to build a sustainable real estate business. There is stiff competition, with […]

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