Top 5 Expectations Sellers Have of Their Listing Agent

Top 5 Expectations Sellers Have of Their Listing Agent


Regardless of whether this is your first listing or your one hundredth, understanding the basic expectations your seller has of you is important. In fact, the more experience you have with listings the more you should remind yourself of what your seller needs from you.

Top 5 Expectations Sellers Have of Their Listing Agent

  1. Communication – Sounds simple, but the most important thing sellers want from their agents is honest communication. Tell them the truth about feedback in a timely manner.
  2. Market Conditions – One pre-listing comprehensive market analysis is not enough, the market changes, keep you client up-to-date on market conditions.
  3. Timely Offers – Never hold back an offer, even if you think there are going to be more to choose from. It’s natural to want to have more than one offer, but it’s the duty of an agent to present all offers as they come.
  4. Good Advice – Sellers need to know their options and get good advice from their agents. You and your sellers are a team and they must feel that you are on their side, not just the side of a deal, any deal.
  5. Strong Negotiations – Sellers expect you to vigorously negotiate on their behalf, but not at the expense of losing a good offer or buyer. Negotiate, but understand it’s not about your ego; it’s about what’s best for your client.
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