How to Market “Lifestyle” When Selling a Home


How to Market “Lifestyle” When Selling a Home

Marketing a home for sale is about much more than the number of bedrooms and bathrooms. While buyers certainly are searching for specific features, they don’t buy based on just these; buyers buy because they imagine the lifestyle they will experience in the home. Marketing to lifestyle is a key component to attracting buyers to view a listing and write an offer.

Lifestyle can mean many different things. One great way to advertise lifestyle is through staging, both in the home and in the photography. Provide a vision of cozy evenings by the fireplace or summer fun in the backyard near the pool. Bedrooms should invite a sense of relaxation with big fluffy comforters and soothing decorating colors.

Another tool for showcasing a lifestyle is by including the surrounding neighborhood in the advertising. Drone photography showing the local park or beach, pictures of the local athletic center and sports courts or flyers from the city’s concert in the park are all ways to start painting a picture for potential buyers about the life they could lead in the home.

Lifestyle selling is one of the best ways to not only attract potential buyers into a home, but to encourage them to write good solid offers as well. Buyers buy based on the life they can visualize for themselves in their new home.

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