Social Media Strategy for Real Estate

Social Media Strategy for Real Estate – Why You Need One and What’s In it?

Most real estate agents today realize they need a website. From simple brokerage supplied sites to expensive, branded independent sites, most agents today have at least a site with a property search and contact page. While most agents understand the basics of web presence, very few have created a strong social media strategy for real estate.

Creating a solid social media strategy for real estate involves much more than multiple posts or advertisements about your real estate practice or constant listing posts. The first step is to build a strong, engaging site. Customizable real estate social media templates is a great way to start. These templates will allow you to express the unique personality of your brand while making it easy to build the essential elements of a social media site.

Your social media strategy must entice the reader to learn more about you, your brand and your content. Using a template as a jumping off point just makes sense. A robust real estate social media template includes all the essential elements needed for engagement. Unlike static websites which offer the visitor the ability to navigate the site for information, a real estate social media website is about drawing the user into a conversation, to learn more about them and their real estate goals and then finding a way to provide the right information to help them achieve their goals.

To succeed in real estate you need to combine multiple marketing components – website, branding and social media. Taking advantage of real estate social media templates is a great way to streamline your project and start reaping the benefits of building new, deeper, relationships with your target audience.


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