Spring Holiday Real Estate Marketing Ideas

When most people think about holidays they think about Christmas, but holidays come along

all year long. With Easter and Passover coming this month, some sellers are wondering if they
should add a few decorations or would that be inappropriate or detrimental. Maybe as an agent you
are wondering the same thing. The truth is that the holidays are a wonderful opportunity to market
a home.


Easter and Passover brings with it spring break. Families are planning time away from school and work. This is a great opportunity for these families to go house hunting, this is a great time
to showcase your new listing and take advantage of the holiday selling season.

Spring Holiday Marketing Ideas

So what can you suggest to your clients to encourage a bit of spring holiday marketing? Spring is a
time of renewal, so start with spring cleaning and adds to that. A tasteful holiday decoration or two adds “hominess” to the property. Contrary to popular belief, there is no reason
why a house should be devoid of all sense of occupancy. Show tasteful evidence of the space being
an actual home. Holidays are a great way to do this.

This is also the time for taking advantage of potential buyers’ time off. Hold open houses as much
as you can. Find opportunities to show your listings as much as you can. Spring is a great time to
market your listings. Plant some beautiful bulbs and welcome the renewal with a renewed marketing effort.

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