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A: Marketing an open house is a challenging task. An open house is a one-day event where the home usually has several agents show the property to prospective buyers. The goal of marketing an open house is to get as many people through the home as possible for it to be shown to more people, presumably resulting in a higher offer price. The question is, how should I market an open house?

Make sure you include a marketing guide in your floor plans. You can do this by having an open house sign on the front door that tells the realtor and potential buyers what to expect as soon as they walk in. You can also mention any particular features or decorating on the sign.

Put your listing on multiple places on the internet. You can put it on real estate websites, realtor magazines, and websites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You want to get your listing up everywhere, so it is seen by people worldwide. If you do this, you don’t have to worry about it being in just one place because if someone finds your home online, they can see all of the different places it is listed.

Having a virtual tour is the next best thing to having an open house. A virtual tour is when someone uses their computer or phone to take a tour of your home. They can go through all the different rooms and view the other updates you have done in each room. They can also do this with photos that you add as well. The only downside to having a virtual tour is that your realtor’s fees have to be higher for this service because it costs money every time someone searches for it.

Ensure you advertise your listing by having flyers ready to go when it’s time for an open house sign to be made. Print as many as you need. On one of the flyers, make sure it tells what type of house it is and where it is located so people know where they are going when they see it in person.

Make sure you have an open house sign that includes your date, time, address, and phone number. Try to make it as colorful as possible and easy to identify. It must include the address of where the house is located, so people know which one they are going to when they drive past it. The street number is also significant because many people don’t even look at the name of where something is located and will only look at the street number right before their eyes go right past the listing. Put out as many signs as possible.

You can also find local signs online for a low price. You can find some with realtor information on them, and you can even print off as many as you need for the upcoming period. They are easy to find and easy to make.

Consider placing a social media ad for your open house, or posting it as a free event to people in the area of the home.

An excellent open house marketing will bring more qualified buyers to the property, thereby driving up the home’s sales price. Therefore, it is essential to have a good marketing plan for an open house.

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