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The Best Tips for a Real Estate Buyer Presentation + Free Downloadable Guide

If you’re a real estate agent, chances are you’ve been asked to conduct a buyer presentation. If this is your first time, or if it’s been a while since the last one, then you may not be sure how to proceed. This article will provide some tips for presenting and give you access to our free downloadable real estate presentation guide that will help make your next presentation go smoothly.


The Real Estate Buyer Presentation – First Meeting


real estate buyer presentation


The first step in your real estate buyer presentation is to schedule the first meeting with your homebuyer clients. This can be done at your office, a local coffee shop, or even remotely via a video conferencing app. You’ll want to let them know that this is an interactive session and to come prepared with any questions they may have.

At the first real estate buyer presentation, your goal should be to learn as much about their purchase requirements as possible so you can match them up with properties in the future. As an example, if they say “I’m looking for something in the $200,000 range,” then it’s important for you to get more specifics. Is there a maximum number of bedrooms they’re looking for? Is there a specific school zone you’d like to be in?

You should also ask them what their real estate must-haves are so that you can incorporate these into your search when you conduct real estate searches for your clients.

For example, if they say “I need a large fenced-in backyard,” then you’ll want to be sure that this is part of the criteria when searching or calling up sellers and scheduling appointments with them. You may also want to ask them if they’d like a specific area of town, or perhaps the type of home (i.e., ranch vs two-story).

During your real estate presentation, you’ll also want to ask when they’d like to have their home purchased because this will determine when you need to begin real estate searches for your clients and how to prioritize best.

The role of the real estate agent during this time is not to show any homes yet. The real estate agent’s role is to ask questions and provide information and also provide a complete timeline of the home buying process to ensure all the steps are covered.


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Discuss Mortgage Pre-Approval



Once you feel you’ve discussed the buyer’s list of home wants and needs, it’s time to discuss the next most important step – the financing or the purchase or the mortgage pre-approval. This will be a topic of your real estate buyer presentation because it is so important.

Real estate buyers need to have their ducks in a row before they start looking for homes and scheduling real estate appointments with sellers, brokers, or realtors. A key step here is the mortgage pre-approval process (unless of course, they are paying cash), which can help speed up the real estate buying process and keep buyers from wasting time with homes that don’t meet their needs or requirements.

The mortgage pre-approval letter is a document provided by the buyer’s lender which states the maximum amount they are qualified to borrow for a home purchase based on income, debts, credit history, etc. The real estate agent uses the mortgage pre-approval letter in real estate offers to show sellers that a potential buyer is serious and has been approved for a loan.

Many times, sellers require these documents to even entertain an offer and it’s often very wise for a real estate agent to obtain this prior to showing homes to the client to ensure 1) they are qualified for financing and 2) to set a correct price range when search.

This is the part in the real estate buyer presentation that the agent should ask the following questions to the homebuyer:

Do you already have a mortgage pre-approval?

Who is your lender?

Can you please provide their contact info, please?

If the client hasn’t already started the process of obtaining their preapproval letter, then set a goal date for them to provide this to you during this part of the homebuyer presentation.


Discuss Showings & Schedule


real estate buyer presentation schedule


The next step in the real estate buyer presentation is to discuss showings. This part of the real estate buying process will require that you and your client determine how much time can be spent on showing homes during their search for a home, as it’s important not to waste any time or miss out on seeing something they might be interested in.

You’ll want to discuss your homebuyer’s weekly availability to see houses and understand when to make appointments for them and to review any real estate scheduling parameters you have as well. For example, you may want to let your clients know that some sellers require 24-hour notice to schedule appointments. Or you may want to use this time to review how you handle last-minute or short notice requests.

If they are busy people, you may need to limit the real estate showings to weekends only. The real estate agent should also remember this when conducting real estate searches for those clients to provide only those homes which fit within a specific timeframe or period of time.

During real estate showings, don’t forget to bring your real estate buyer presentation checklist that you’re clients filled out so you can make sure all the important questions are asked. This will help determine what homes they really like and provide a way for them to remember how much they loved their home afterward!

After discussing real estate showings with the client during the real estate buyer presentation, it’s time to set your first showing day!

PRO TIP: Download our free real estate buyer presentation guide below to bring with you to your next buyer presentation!





Schedule Your First Showing Day


You haven’t even set up a search yet in the MLS, so why schedule your first showing day at your first buyer presentation?

Because it will create a sense of urgency and keep the momentum going in your client’s home buying process.

They’ll have something exciting to look forward to – and you’ll be able to start working right away to meet their goals.


Explain your home search process thoroughly


Let the home buyers know your home search process. For example, do you work with a team? Do you have an assistant that handles showing requests?

Explain if you will be the only point of contact or if you have various team members that may be involved during the process so that you’re clients know what to expect.

Explain how long it will take you to set up a home search for them and why that is necessary.

As real estate agents, we often just jump straight into showing homes as soon as possible because it’s exciting and fast-paced. But walking your homebuyers through how you work will help them understand why some parts of the real estate buyer presentation take time – and they’ll be grateful for those extra steps when their real estate agent is working hard to make sure they get the home of their dreams!

Review The Offer Process



This is the time in your real estate buyer presentation to review what happens next if they like a home that’s on the market.

You should go over each step of the real estate offer process with them and let them know how long it will take from beginning their search, working together for showings, reviewing offers & counteroffers until the real estate closing process.

This would be a great time to review a sample purchase contract as well with your homebuyers so they can understand the various terms, contingencies, and deadlines that will need to consider when making an offer.





Review the Inspection Process

The real estate agent should review the inspection process in-depth with their real estate buyer during this part of the real estate presentation.

They’ll need to know how inspections work and what they are going to expect from you as your realtor throughout each step of the homebuyer presentation!

This is a great time to teach the client about inspection contingencies and deadlines within a purchase contract.

This is also a great time to get the client thinking about who they may use as a home inspection when the time comes so they are prepared.


Review the Financing Process


This is a great time in the real estate buyer presentation to review the basic steps in a mortgage financing process. You may want to give them the following questions to ask their lender so that they are fully informed early in the process.


– How much house can I buy with my downpayment?

– What is the real estate closing process going to be like?

– How much will we need for closing costs?

-How long will it take to complete the loan approval process?


The Closing Process

You’re almost to the end of your presentation! This is a great time to talk about the closing process!

You can review escrow, title, and closing procedures and what to expect on the real estate day of signing, and any other questions they may have.

This is also a great time for you to hand them your realtor business card or referral cards so that you are easily accessible after your real estate buyer presentation ends!


Going over the Buyer Representation Agreement


If you require your homebuyer clients to sign a buyer representation agreement – this would be a great time to go over it and present it for signature.

You can also offer the client a copy of this agreement to take home and review at their own pace if they aren’t ready to complete it yet!


Answer Questions


You’ve reviewed your buyer’s needs and gone over all the basics of the home buying process! This is a great time for your realtor-client to ask any last-minute real estate home buying questions they may have.

Make sure to take as much time as necessary to answer all their questions and also to touch on any additional points you want to cover. This is your last chance to leave them with any real estate closing tips or advice!


Final Thoughts on Real Estate Buyer Presentation Tips


We hope you’ve enjoyed our real estate buyer presentation tips!

As a bonus, in this post, we’ve included a free download below of a stunning real estate buyer presentation guide with everything you need for your buyer presentation included a homebuyer questionnaire!


Free Buyer Presentation Guide




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