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Creating a Pin-worthy Real Estate Home Office

When you are a busy real estate agent, creating a dedicated space within your home for a real estate home office is crucial.  With so much time working from your computer as an agent, it’s important that you create a space that feels inspired and organized – leading the way to boosted productivity.


A real estate home office should be well thought out, and not just random items throw together.   Your home office should focus on both purpose and design to set the stage for a great working day. The goal is to avoid a cluttered mess of a desk and less than inspiring aesthetic and rather create a space around you that you love to walk into and stay in!



Create a dedicated space for your real estate home office


The most important part of your home office setup is choosing just the right space for your office. Make sure you choose a comfortable area with plenty of space. You should have enough room for a minimum of your desk, chair, and a couple of accent pieces such as a bookcase, filing cabinet, or small table.


Try to avoid areas that don’t appear professional or hold the temperature well including a garage or unfinished basement. If possible, choose an area as far away from the center of your home as possible to help eliminate distractions.


If you live in a small home or apartment, you may not be able to designate an entire room for your office. If this is the case for you, look for a nook or corner where you can set up your real estate home office. If possible, set up your desk in an area with a window. The ability to see the sun and what is happening outside is a nice change from solid walls.


If necessary, purchase a smaller desk to make certain you have enough room. Do not overload your desk or it will appear cluttered and unattractive. If you need more room, hang a couple of tasteful shelves above your desk for the essentials. The most important aspect is using your creativity to create the ideal office space.


Not everyone will have the space to have an actual room for their real estate home office and may have to carve out some space in a multipurpose room – the main objective is to create a dedicated workspace.  While it might be easy to just use the couch or dining table as your home office, it can also create a lot of distraction around you – so try to ensure you find an area that is for you and your business only.


real estate home office

Decorating a Real Estate Home Office


Prior to deciding how you want to decorate; we suggest heading online for inspiration!  Save photos of real estate home offices or workspaces that fit the style you are going for – and make note of any organizational items you would need.


Remember your desk is the item you’ll spend the most time using in a real estate home office. Focus on small details such as an attractive desk set, a vase filled with fresh flowers, or hard-cover real estate books to make the area warm and welcoming. You can even hang awards or certifications in view directly behind your desk.


A minimalistic approach is also a great idea when decorating a real estate home office. This approach can eliminate distractions and clutter.  Find a simple color palette that creates a sense of calm for you and buy on the most necessary décor and organization items.  Add some personality to the space by purchasing a few art pieces and décor items. Even adding an area rug can bring some warmth and coziness to the space.


And let’s not forget plants!   Display potted plants on the desk, floor or hang them from the ceiling to inject tranquility, reduce noise and keep the air clean.  You can also use plants to make your office more cheerful. If you don’t have a green thumb, you can buy some beautiful artificial plants for a splash of color. Consider cactuses, hanging plants with long tendrils of lush leaves, and small potted plants.


Since you spend so much time at your home office, you may as well enjoy it! You may even want to place a small glass dish or jar on your desk and fill it with something you enjoy such as your favorite candy or healthy snack.  Sometimes all you need to recharge during your hectic day is a quick pick me up!


real estate home office


Organize Your Real Estate Workspace


Keeping your home office workspace organized can not only decrease clutter but also increase your efficiency by creating an optimal work environment free of distraction.  Sometimes a clear desk equals a clear mind!


You should start by finding desk storage items to keep your various items organized!  Since real estate agents work with a lot of paperwork, you’ll likely want various file storage options, pen holders, and enough space for your computer and printer as well. The good news is, you can find plenty of storage options at tons of stores that are super affordable and aesthetically pleasing.


There are many types of materials available to choose from – whether you are drawn to black metal, gold, or silver accents – or even a pop of color; you’ll want to ensure you choose a décor palette that you won’t get tired of since you will be spending quite a bit of time in your home office as a real estate agent.


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Choosing Furniture


When investing in furniture for your real estate home office, make sure to test it out.  Sometimes the most gorgeous chair will not be comfortable enough to sit in for long periods of time – or your desk may not be the correct height.  These are the larger, more expensive purchases for your home office so ensure you consider not only design but also comfortability prior to purchasing.


Think about the type of worker you are prior to purchasing.  Do you like to spread a lot of things out on your desk at once, then you might need a larger desk with drawers. On the other hand, if you prefer a more minimalistic approach – then a small desk in the center of the room may work for you (just remember you won’t be able to hide things such as cords).


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Home office Lighting


If you can place your home office in an area with abundant natural life, do it!  You want your home office to be bright and cheerful. This is another reason having a window in your office whenever possible is so important.   You’ll enjoy the natural energy it brings to you throughout the day and it’s also great lighting for any video conferences you may have as well.  Dim lighting is fine when you are relaxing after work, enjoying dinner, or sleeping. It is not conducive to a good office environment.


If you’re not able to have natural lighting in your workspace, consider the following tips.  Try to add multiple table lamps or floor lamps through the room’s corners. Avoid using just one overhead light fixture, as this can make the room feel more closed in.  Consider also adding a desk lamp for both function and to create ambiance. And try to avoid any overhead dim lighting or dark rooms.

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Creating a Background in Your Real Estate Home Office for Video Chats


Are you wanting to set up a great background for video conferencing calls to connect with out-of-state clients or those that can’t make in-person meetings?  Here are a few tips:

A good option is selecting a plain wall. Choose a specific area in your home for videoconferencing, then take a good look at the background behind you. If you want your message to be neutral, consider contemporary wallpaper, brick, or solid paint. Remove any clutter from the area behind you.

If there is any shelving in view, organize everything and get rid of any clutter. Replace inexpensive collectibles, ragged, soft-cover books, and dead plants with fresh flowers, elegant books, and new plants. You want to find attractive and simple items for your decor.


Do not underestimate the importance of real estate home office organization. If you are using your living room or bedroom for an office, your blankets, cushions, and pillows should be straightened with a neat and plush appearance. Try to look at the area through the eyes of a stranger to help determine what others will see.


Upgrading Your Technology


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Finally, think about your technology. Make certain you have a strong internet connection capable of handling lengthy videoconference. You want your clients and colleagues to clearly hear and see you. Take a look at your scanner and printer. If they are old, consider replacing them with newer models offering more features.


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