How To Fire a Real Estate Client? [PLUS SCRIPT]

Hi there! Are you a real estate agent who needs to know how to fire a real estate client? It’s not always easy, but it can be done with the right approach. In this video, we’ll show you step-by-step how to do so without hurting anyone’s feelings.

Step 1: Start by considering why you need to fire the client. Is it because they are unresponsive, overly demanding, or unable to make decisions? Once you’ve identified the issue, make sure that it’s really a deal-breaker for you and your business.

Step 2: Prepare for the conversation by making sure you have all of the necessary facts at hand. This includes a list of their recent behaviors that have been causing you problems.

Step 3: Have the conversation in person, or over the phone if they can’t make it in-person. Start off on a positive note, and let them know why you value them as an individual customer. Then, explain why their current behavior is not conducive to your business and how you need to part ways.

A script you could use is:

“I appreciate your business and the effort you’ve put in. Unfortunately, your recent behaviors have been a problem for me and my business. I need to part ways with you as our business relationship isn’t working anymore.”

Step 4: Offer an alternative solution, if possible. For example, if their problem is that they are having difficulty making decisions, suggest a third-party such as a real estate attorney who can help them make informed decisions. Or perhaps you can refer them to another real estate agent.

Step 5: Make sure to close the conversation on a positive note. Let them know that you valued their business and wish them the best in their future endeavors.

Firing a real estate client doesn’t have to be an uncomfortable experience. By following these steps, you can ensure that everyone involved is treated with respect, kindness, and understanding.

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