how to use pinterest for real estate

How to Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing

Have you always wondered how to use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing? What if there was a tool you could use that could increase traffic to your real estate website and attract your ideal clients if you just spent 15 minutes a day working on it? And there’s no colossal learning curve or confusing algorithm formula to — in fact, you’re probably already using it expertly in your free time.

Too good to be true?

Usually that’s the case. But when using  Pinterest for real estate marketing, these results are definitely possible for your real estate brand with minimal effort.

What are the Benefits of Running a Pinterest Account for Real Estate?


Continuous Website Traffic


Imagine you’re scrolling through Pinterest and you see a delicious looking recipe. All you have to do is click, and voilà — you’re taken straight to the source. No copying and pasting links or going back to someone’s profile to click on a link.

The point is: as long as you’re using Pins effectively (more on that later), it’s almost too easy to generate traffic to your real estate website.

Not to mention, Pins last a really long time. So you could potentially keep generating traffic from years-old pins, unlike a lot of other social media platforms where a post is pretty much a one-and-done type of deal. So using Pinterest for real estate marketing is really a no-brainer.

It’s a Lead Magnet for Your Ideal Clients


There are a couple of reasons why using Pinterest for real estate marketing  is such a powerful lead magnet for your ideal clients.

First, it’s very visual. Customers tend to respond more positively to visual content since it’s an easier way to digest information. And so taking control of the aesthetic and visual content you post can help attract your ideal client.

Secondly, 93% of buyers start online when they’re looking for a home. That’s why Pinterest is a useful tool to use to get your real estate services in front of potential clients. It’s also a great opportunity to show potential homebuyers what it’s like living in the community that you serve.

Market Research for Anything


Wondering what real estate topic you should blog about next? Need some inspiration for website design? Or do you want to do some competitive research to see how you can corner the market?

You can get a dose of inspiration for pretty much anything you need to know with a quick search on Pinterest. Just input the keywords and a cocktail of amazing sources are available right at your fingertips.

Tips on How to Use Pinterest for Real Estate Marketing Effectively


Treat Pinterest Like a Search Engine


Even though we lump Pinterest together with Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and all other social media websites, it’s actually kind of a hybrid of a social media platform and a search engine.

This is because Pinterest uses an algorithm that prioritizes SEO, which mimics search engines like Google, but also allows for your brand to shine in a concentrated or branched out way, like social media.

Now, about Pinterest’s SEO — this is a critical step in making your Pins appear during searches. Use your descriptions smartly with relevant keywords and your Pins could easily become your number one source of website traffic.

Remember Your Audience


When you’re pinning, don’t just Pin any ol’ random Pin. Remember: this isn’t your personal account. This is your professional Pinterest for real estate business account. This means that you should concentrate on providing useful information and inspiration that have to do with your community, niche, the housing market, and anything else that has to do with your services.

And of course, that doesn’t mean you can’t share something fun, but make sure it falls in line with your brand.

Use Aesthetics to Drive in Your Key Message


As mentioned earlier, Pinterest is uber visual. So make sure you don’t overcomplicate your Pin with super intricate designs and lots of information. Or on the flip side, make a Pin so bare that it doesn’t capture the attention of the viewer.



Finding that balance can be tricky, but as long as you remember what your key message is, you can hone in on that. When they’re captivated and click on the Pin, that’s where the supplemental information will be to help them get the full picture.

And anyways, you’re a real estate agent! So there won’t be too much of a learning curve on how to put those good-eye-for-aesthetics-yet-functionality skills to use on Pinterest.

Make Pins Easily Shareable


You may be thinking, “wait, don’t people just click re-pin and that’s it?” Well… yes and no.

Making a Pin shareable means that you’re making the Pin available on more than just your Pinterest.

By using plug-ins, like the Pin It Plugin from WordPress, people can click the “P” button on your image and it’ll take them to Pinterest so they can Pin it for their viewers to see.

This is so important because, like word of mouth, a Pin can travel far by viewers placing it in front of their own audience. Someone from their audience can pin it to show their audience, and so on.

How to Make a Real Estate Business Pinterest Account


Convert Your Account to a Business Account


Converting your account to a business account opens up access to important insights, such as click through rates, fancy engagement and impression graphs, which Pins generate the most traffic, demographic data, and so much more.

This is incredibly useful so you can spend your time focusing on the Pins and marketing strategies that work best for your audience.

Keyword Your Bio and Profile


Remember that Pinterest operates on SEO? Well, this is a space where it’s necessary to take advantage of that fact.

Add one or two primary keywords to your name, and write your bio with the secondary keywords you want to rank for.

Some questions to ask yourself to get the right keywords into your bio are:

  • What’s my real estate niche?
  • What community do I serve?
  • What do my services accomplish?
  • Is there something my brand is really known for?

Now, remember — even though you want to be SEO-friendly, you also want to make sure your bio flows naturally. There’s nothing more robotic than a stuffed-to-the-brim-with-keywords bio.


In addition, even though it’s important to rank in searches, you still want to connect with anyone who comes across your profile and convey your mission. A helpful way to do this is to shift your perspective from about-you-centered to client-centered.

Upload a Clear and Friendly Photo of Yourself


No, a cropped-in photo of your face will not suffice here. In order to build some credibility to your profile, make sure you have a professional headshot that is clear, friendly, and maybe even shows a little bit of your personality. First-impressions count — and even more so when you’re making a first impression online.

Now You’re Ready to Start Pinning!


With all this information in mind, you’re finally ready to start pinning!

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