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From “No” to “Sold” – Great Responses to Seller Objections

  From “No” to “Sold” – Great Responses to Seller Objections What do most real estate agents lack that the great ones possess? Is it just luck? No, it’s the ability to handle objections. In a listing appointment, it’s common for the seller to try and avoid making a decision and a great agent knows [...]
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Do’s and Don’ts of Customer Service for Realtors

Do's and Don'ts of Customer Service for Realtors Real estate agents have to fill the shoes of many different roles. They are not only salespeople but coaches, problem solvers and much of the time, customer service representatives. Clients expect to be able to count on their agents for answer before, during and even after the [...]
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Facebook Ads – What are the Options?

Facebook Ads – What Are The Options?   Social media has become one of the most important components to a successful marketing plan for real estate agents. Targeted Facebook ads allow you to identify and reach your prospects at the right time; typically when they are home and when they have time to browse the [...]
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5 Reasons Sellers Overprice Their Home

5 Reasons Sellers Over-Price Their Homes   Everyone has seen them – the house that is listed for significantly more than the neighborhood. It leads one to wonder what special feature it has that the others don’t: is the view exceptional or can you run a small restaurant from the chef’s kitchen? There must be [...]
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How to Handle a Low Appraisal

How to Handle a Low Appraisal Part of any home loan is the appraisal. A professional appraiser will use recent sales of comparable properties to compare with the property being financed and determine if the sales price is fair. When the market is steady, the value is fairly easy to determine. When the market is [...]
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Best Practices for Door Knocking

Best Practices for Door Knocking   Door knocking. The very term can cause even the most experienced real estate agent to get nervous. Let’s face it, cold calling in any form is something foreign to most people, but those who learn the skills necessary to be successful door knocking find that there is no better [...]
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Calculating Your ROI on Marketing Costs

Calculating Your ROI on Marketing Costs   If you’re in real estate, you know that you need to advertise. But knowing how much to spend and where to spend it can be very confusing. It’s easy to see that the big real estate offices and mega-agents have a large presence with print, media, internet and [...]
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Strategies for Dealing with Multiple Offers

Strategies to Deal with Multiple Offers   Listing agents love hearing about a “seller’s market.” Yet while multiple offers and bidding wars might sound appealing, the truth is the way you handle these situations is important. Together with your seller, determine The strategies you use to help them will make the difference in working with [...]
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