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Top 5 Expectations Sellers Have of Their Listing Agent

Top 5 Expectations Sellers Have of Their Listing Agent   Regardless of whether this is your first listing or your one hundredth, understanding the basic expectations your seller has of you is important. In fact, the more experience you have with listings the more you should remind yourself of what your seller needs from you. […]

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How to Capture Leads on Your Website

How to Capture Leads on Your Website If you’re in real estate, you already know that you need a great website. This should be your own and not one that comes with the brokerage so your work goes along with you, SEO and all. Once you have your site, how do you capture the information […]

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Avoid These 5 Mistakes New Real Estate Agents Make

Avoid These 5 Mistakes New Agents Make New real estate agents are excited to start their new career. Unfortunately many fail in their first year because they make critical mistakes which derail their opportunity. Many of these mistakes are easy to avoid and with proper preparation, you can not only jump start your business but […]

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Most Common Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents

Like all entrepreneurs, real estate agents want to ensure they maximize their income and minimize their tax burden. Fortunately there is a multitude of legitimate ways to reduce their taxable income. * 10 Great Tax Deductions for Real Estate Agents 1. Vehicle Deductions – Lease payments and mileage2. Home Office – A home office that […]

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How to Generate Real Estate Leads in Winter

In many parts of the country, the long cold winter months can be a slow time for real estate markets. It seems that clients actually hibernate – waiting for the spring season. The good news for agents is this is a great time to set the stage for a thriving spring.• Spend time with your […]

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Lead Generation Ideas that Don’t Cost a Dime

Lead Generation Ideas that Don’t Cost a Dime There are many ways to pay for marketing, but did you know there are effective lead generation techniques that don’t cost any money at all? If have time to invest, but little or no money, try these ideas for finding new real estate clients.  Referrals – […]

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Why having a CRM is so important

Why Having a CRM is so Important   Real estate agents who have the best results share some of the same traits; one of the main similarities is that they are incredibly organized. They have a system which allows them to manage existing business and nurture their prospects, current and past clients. Using a CRM […]

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Importance of Consistancy in Real Estate Agent Marketing

The Importance of Consistency in Marketing for Realtors Real estate agents spend a great deal of time, energy and money trying to attract new clients. Marketing programs can include yard signs, flyers, websites and social media accounts among others. The reality is that the most important factor in the success of any marketing campaign is […]

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Relocation Companies – Are they worth it for Agents?

Relocation Companies – Are They Worth It For Agents?   Anyone who has been in the real estate business for any length of time knows about relocation companies. Relocation companies work with businesses to help their employees move from one location to the other. The relocation benefits offered by corporations vary from a lump sum […]

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