• Top 20 New Year’s Goals for Real Estate Agents in 2022
    As new years resolutions are being made across the world, realtors should be thinking about their new year’s goals. This article lists 20 New Year’s goals for real estate agents in 2022. If you’re a new agent looking to make it big this year, or…
  • FREE OPEN HOUSE SIGN IN SHEET + 12 Steps to Convert an Open House Visitor Into a sale
    Are you utilizing an open house sign in sheet? If not, it’s time to rethink your strategy! Signing people into open houses is a surefire way to convert open house visitors into clients. That’s why many realtors are using open house sign-in sheets at their…
  • Choosing A Real Estate Brokerage
    The real estate brokerage you choose to work with is probably one of the most important decisions in your career as a Realtor. Choosing the right brokerage can provide many benefits, such as access to knowledge and talent, industry tools and resources, and support systems…
    There are many types of clients in the real estate business. Sometimes it can be difficult to identify them or understand their needs, but with some research, you will quickly learn who they are and what they want. In this article we will discuss 11…
    Do you have a tough time when it comes to managing your real estate listings? If so, then you might want to consider hiring a real estate assistant. A quality assistant can help with many things including creating and updating listings, answering client questions, organizing…
  • 10 key benefits of real estate social media automation
    Do you want to increase your real estate business with the help of social media, but don’t have time? Are you trying to juggle real estate and marketing efforts for your company without any success? If so, real estate social media automation is a solution….
  • How to Write Better Listing Descriptions: Free Property Description Template
    If you’re a realtor, then the listing descriptions that you write for your property listings are an important part of your business. They can make or break a sale! As such, it’s important to know how to write better listing descriptions. This article will answer…
  • how do realtors get paid for rentals? (and increase their revenue streams)
    How do Realtors get paid for rentals? This is a question that many people have when considering how to list their property. Some realtors will let buyers pay for the commission upfront while others may be paid after the rental. In this article, we will…
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