how to stay in touch with real estate clients

How to Stay In Touch with Real Estate Clients (15 Easy Ways)

Learn how to stay in touch with real estate clients using creative, omnichannel tactics in this blog. It provides 15 examples for building lasting relationships with past, current, and potential clients to generate repeat and referral business.

In the competitive real estate industry, building lasting relationships with clients is key to generating repeat and referral business. While it’s important to stay in touch, you don’t want to come across as overly salesy. Use a strategic, omnichannel approach by mixing both digital and offline channels.

Here are 15 creative ways to maintain meaningful connections with past, current and potential real estate clients:

1. Send Email Newsletters

email newsletter for how to stay in touch with real estate clients

One of the easiest ways to stay top of mind is through regular email newsletters. Send monthly or quarterly messages with market updates, neighborhood highlights, home selling tips, real estate articles, upcoming events and more.

For example, you can include sections like:

  • Neighborhood spotlight – Highlight amenities, new businesses, events, or changes happening in popular neighborhoods. Include photos and helpful details.
  • Market update – Provide statistics and graphs summarizing sales, prices, and inventory in your area and niches. Offer analysis.
  • Home selling tips – Share seasonal tips for improving home value like staging for spring or energy-saving upgrades before winter.
  • Featured listing – Promote one of your newest or most unique listings with photos, details, and an open house invite.
  • Community events – List upcoming local fairs, festivals, concerts, and events.

Share a mix of helpful information and company news they can’t get anywhere else. Just be sure to keep it relevant and avoid overt promotional language.

2. Make Occasional Phone Calls

Nothing beats a personal phone call for building rapport. Periodically call clients to check in and see how they’re doing. Ask if they need any real estate help or know anyone looking to buy or sell. See if they’d be willing to provide a testimonial. Phone calls show you care beyond just wanting their business.

Some examples of what to say:

  • “Hi [Name], just wanted to call and see how you’re enjoying the new home?”
  • “I was checking comparable sales in your neighborhood and noticed prices are up. Have you considered refinancing or making any upgrades?”
  • “Our team has a new listing next door to your old place on Oak Street. Made me think to check in and say hi!”

3. Send Handwritten Notes

In today’s digital age, receiving personal mail stands out. Send thank you notes after working with a client. Mail holiday cards in December or birthday cards for extra wow factor. Handwritten messages build deeper connections because they take more time and thought.

Some examples:

  • Thank You Card: “John, Thanks for trusting me to sell your home. It was a pleasure working with you from listing to close. Wishing you all the best in your new chapter!”
  • Holiday Card: “Peace, Joy, and Happiness this holiday season! Wishing you and your family a wonderful Christmas and New Year!”
  • Birthday Card: “Wishing you a very happy birthday Elaine! I cherish our friendship.”

4. Engage Through Social Media

open house social media post

Stay top of mind by interacting with clients on social platforms like Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn. Share or comment on their posts. Proactively send them content you think they’d find interesting like local real estate articles or neighborhood news. Social engagement helps nurture leads and maintain relationships.

Examples of sharing:

  • New coffee shop opening downtown
  • Article on rising neighborhood home values
  • Photo of their home with congratulations on 1 year since purchase

5. Host Client Events

Plan open houses, client appreciation nights, seminars or other in-person events a few times per year. This gives you valuable face time with prospects and past clients. You can educate them on real estate topics while building rapport in a social setting. Offer light refreshments and make it fun.

Event ideas:

  • Open house with free food and giveaways
  • Client appreciation happy hour
  • Home selling seminar with an interior designer speaker
  • Local vendor exhibits like lenders and home inspectors

6. Send Referral Requests

referral request social media post

Existing clients can be a great source of referrals. Occasionally reach out to ask if they can recommend you to any friends, relatives or colleagues in need of a real estate agent. Many people are happy to make introductions if you’ve done a good job. Just be polite and don’t pressure them.

Sample referral ask:

“Sarah, I wanted to reach out because I’m looking to grow my business this spring through referrals. If you know anyone considering buying or selling a home soon, please pass along my name. I’d be so grateful for the introduction!”

7. Share Real Estate Market Updates

market update social post

Forward relevant real estate articles and data like recently sold homes in their neighborhood. Offer helpful perspective on what’s happening in their local market. Position yourself as an expert resource versus just a salesperson. People appreciate industry knowledge.

For example:

  • Sharing an article on rising mortgage rates
  • Emailing a market report on the neighborhood with recently sold comps
  • Texting a notable home sale like a record high price/square foot

8. Check In Quarterly

Set calendar reminders to check in with past clients every 3-6 months. Give them a quick call or send an email asking how they’ve been. See if they need help buying, selling or know someone who does. This reminds them you’re there when needs arise.

Sample quarterly check-in:

“Hi Matt, I wanted to check in and see how you’ve been the last few months. We’re heading into the busy spring market soon. Please let me know if you need any real estate assistance or have any family/friends looking to make a move!”

9. Text Message Updates

Texting is an easy, non-intrusive way to maintain contact. Send occasional texts with real estate tips, market trends or company news. Make it conversational like you would with a friend. Just be sure to respect their preferred frequency and get permission first.

Example real estate text messages:

  • “Thinking of you! Home prices in our area rose 5% last quarter. Let me know if you’re interested in selling.”
  • “Just listed an incredible smart home in your neighborhood. Scheduling showings this weekend, stop by and say hi and bring some neighbors!”

10. Leverage CRM Software

A CRM system helps automate and track client communications. It can remind you when to follow up and log all interactions in one place. This ensures no leads or relationships slip through the cracks.

Popular features like:

  • Email templates for newsletters or bulk messages
  • Uploading all contact details and history in one database
  • Automated email/text reminders for follow up tasks
  • Integrations with email and phone to track conversations

11. Send Direct Mail Pieces

just sold postcard for direct mail

While email is popular, direct mail can grab more attention in inboxes flooded with messages. Periodically send eye-catching real estate postcards, flyers or brochures showcasing your services. Mailers allow you to include photos, testimonials, data and other helpful info. Just don’t make it purely promotional. Offer useful takeaways.

12. Sponsor Community Events

Look for opportunities to sponsor local events like school fundraisers, charity runs, festivals, etc. This gets your brand visibility within the community. Have a booth and hand out giveaways to drive connections. Connecting your business to causes people care about builds goodwill.

13. Hold Webinars and Videos

Use online platforms to engage people virtually. Host free real estate webinars via Zoom or share videos on Facebook/YouTube. This allows you to teach valuable tips while interacting with a live audience through Q&As and polls. Record them to promote later too.

14. Send Celebratory Gifts

Find occasions to send small gifts like on a closing anniversary, new home purchase, job promotion etc. This extra effort leaves an impression. Get creative – you can send flowers, giftcards, wine, baked goods and more. Just keep gifts moderate and tasteful.

15. Share Your Network

Help past clients expand their network by making warm introductions. Recommend your trusted service partners like contractors, lenders, inspectors etc. You can also connect clients looking to move with an agent you trust in their future city. Clients appreciate the value you continue providing.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What is the ideal frequency for an agent to stay in touch with their real estate clients?

A: Agents should aim to communicate with past real estate clients about once a month or quarter, at minimum. Avoid oversaturating people, but consistency is key to staying top of mind. Set reminders to reach out by email, text or phone regularly.

Q: Is sending a real estate newsletter sufficient for nurturing client relationships?

A: While a monthly real estate newsletter is important, agents should take a multifaceted approach. Combine digital tactics like social media and SMS text messaging with traditional mailers and in-person real estate events for more touchpoints.

Q: What should a real estate agent do if a previous client asks them to stop contacting them?

A: It’s essential real estate agents respect opt-out requests. Remove the contact from mailing lists and document their request to cease communication.

Q: Are gifts appropriate for real estate agents to send existing clients?

A: Small gifts on occasions like closings or holidays can help real estate agents stand out while showing appreciation. Avoid lavish or overly promotional items. Make sure gifts align with business relationships. Keep it thoughtful, not excessive.

Q: What’s the best way for a real estate agent to track client communications?

A: A real estate CRM system is ideal for tracking client outreach. It stores all contact details, history and interactions in one centralized database for easy reference. Most enable automating follow up reminders too, ensuring consistency.

How To Stay In Touch With Real Estate Clients Recap

Learning how to stay in touch with real estate clients is crucial for nurturing relationships and generating repeat and referral business. By consistently providing value through a mix of digital and traditional tactics, agents can remain top of mind with past, current, and future clients. From sending monthly newsletters and making quarterly check-in calls to hosting local events and leveraging CRM software, numerous options exist for how to stay connected. The key is finding the right balance of helpful resources versus promotional outreach. With a genuine omnichannel approach, real estate professionals can build lasting client relationships that stand out from the competition.


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