social media content calendar for real estate

Social Media Content Calendar for Real Estate (Free Download + Graphics)

Why use a social media content calendar for real estate? When trying to grow your real estate business’s social media presence, it can feel like a 1000-piece puzzle. Here at Agent Crate, our clients come needing guidance on how to navigate the complicated algorithms of social media, such as:

  • What kind of content should I post?
  • How do I create these posts?
  • How can I make time to create engaging real estate posts?
  • Should I be creating a social media content calendar? How do I do that?
  • Does this ever get easier?

If you find yourself wondering about these same questions, then you definitely want to keep reading because we’re going to answer all these questions in this post. We’re going to break down the tested and proven content we recommend to our own clients so you understand the type of content you should be posting to grow your audience and for maximum engagement.

And, if you stay until the end, you’ll be able to download our free social media content calendar for real estate agents, so you can save time while growing your real estate empire.

social media content calendar for real estate

Social Media Content Calendar for Real Estate Categories

There are a variety of categories you can choose from when creating a real estate social media content calendar, we will focus on the top popular categories of posts we recommend for our members because these will ensure you’re offering value to your audience and encouraging engagement from them at the same time. We’ll break each one down, as well as provide some examples of specific types of posts you can publish within each category.

Local Posts

Featuring your town’s local hotspots is a great way for your audience (and potential clients) to get to know the area you serve. By highlighting the local flavor, people can use your page as a way to do some preliminary research to see if they can imagine themselves living in that area.

Plus, as a real estate agent, you can build rapport with the local businesses. You can collaborate with them for special events or posts, and this could give you leverage by giving your clients a local experience no other real estate agent can offer.

By engaging with the community this way, you’ll be able to establish yourself as the friendly local expert.

Some examples of local posts are:

  • highlighting your favorite local parks
  • featuring market updates of the neighborhood
  • your favorite coffee shops
  • what it’s like to spend a night out in the town
  • Local restaurant
  • Local schools
  • Weekend events

Real Estate Education Posts

Education is a piece of valuable information you can give to your audience about the housing market. Remember, you’re the expert in the field and have a lot of interesting tips, terminology, and tidbits of information you can teach your audience about — the pieces of information that aren’t always easy for people not in the business to find on their own.

The more you can establish yourself as a reliable and knowledgeable resource, the more your clients and potential clients will trust you and keep coming back to your content in order to learn more interesting things about the market.

Some examples of educational posts are:

  • real estate market vocabulary
  • seller tips and hacks
  • how to stage a home
  • what the buying process is like
  • general real estate 101 posts

Property Posts

Property posts are anything and everything about property — whether it be about the property in the community that you serve or general information that your audience should know about. These are great types of posts because when it comes down to it all, property is the reason why your real estate business exists!

Show your audience that they should be coming back to your page by updating them about the latest property listings and trends.

Some specific examples of property posts are:

  • new listings in your area
  • why location is so important
  • tips on how buyers can save for their next or first home
  • a property that was just sold
  • what investment properties are
  • open houses in your neighborhood

Real Estate Tips Posts

Real estate tips are super valuable because oftentimes consumers get lost and overwhelmed with all the new and complicated processes that come with buying and/or selling a home. Giving them tips on how to succeed will build trust and will establish yourself as a true expert in this field.

Some examples of real estate tips are:

  • various home maintenance tips
  • interior decor hacks and DIYs
  • the importance of remodeling a home
  • first-time homeowner tips
  • staging tips

Connect & Interactive Posts

We talked about the valuable pieces of information, industry secrets, and tips you can offer to your audience, but you can’t forget that each business needs a little fun behind it on social media that deserves to be spotlighted as well!  

The above post categories can only go so far when people don’t even know how to identify your brand. Connecting with your audience on a human level, and reminding them that there is an actual person behind the business with interactive, funny, and connection posts  will solidify the budding friendship you’re building with your followers.

Some examples of connection and interactive  posts are:

  • A behind the scenes
  • thank you posts
  • Holiday posts
  • fun facts posts
  • referral requests
  • Engaging Questions
  • Humor Posts
  • Quizzes
  • Trivia

Free Real Estate Graphics + Social Media Calendar

If you feel like you still need some extra helping hands, we here at Agent Crate would love to help. With our social media plans, you’ll be able to automate your Instagram and Facebook posts with custom content, tried-and-true posts created for maximum engagement, and access to our membership site with exclusive content that will take your social media to the next level — and all without breaking the piggy bank.

FAQ for Social Media Content Calendar in Real Estate

Q: Why is a social media content calendar essential for real estate agents? A: Think of it as your digital blueprint. It keeps you consistent, helps you stay on top of trends, and ensures you’re always ready to engage your audience without the last-minute scramble. Plus, it’s a lifesaver for keeping track of what’s worked (and what hasn’t).

Q: What kind of content should I post as a real estate agent? A: Mix it up! Showcase local hotspots to educate and entertain your audience, drop some knowledge with real estate tips, and keep your listings front and center. And don’t forget to pepper in some personal touches to keep things relatable.

Q: How do I create these posts without it taking over my life? A: Batch-creating content is your best friend. Dedicate a day to plan and create your posts for the week or month, then schedule them out. Tools like Agent Crate can make this process smoother, so you can focus more on selling homes and less on social media stress.

Q: How do I actually make a social media content calendar? A: Start simple. Grab a template (like the free one we’re offering) and start plugging in post ideas for each day based on different content categories. Think local market updates on Mondays, home-staging tips on Wednesdays, and fun local events on Fridays.

Q: Will using a social media content calendar make managing my social media easier? A: Absolutely. It’s like going from flying blind to having a GPS. With a content calendar, you’ll have a clear direction, which means less time guessing and more time connecting with potential clients.

Q: Where can I get my hands on a social media content calendar for real estate? A: Right here! We’re giving away a free sample calendar packed with post ideas to get you started. Just drop your info below, and it’s all yours.

Q: Can Agent Crate help if I’m still feeling overwhelmed? A: For sure. If DIY isn’t your thing, our social media plans come with automation, custom content, and a treasure trove of resources to up your social media game without draining your wallet.

Q: How can I stay updated with more tips and tricks from Agent Crate? A: Easy! Follow us on Pinterest and Instagram for a steady stream of real estate social media wisdom and some behind-the-scenes fun.

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