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How To Find Clients For Real Estate: 10 Effective Ideas

Learning how to find clients for real estate is one of the most critical activities for real estate agents and brokers to engage in on a consistent basis. Without a steady stream of motivated and qualified buyers and sellers, it becomes extremely difficult to build a sustainable real estate business.

There is stiff competition, with thousands of agents vying for the same clients in every market. In this comprehensive blog post, we will provide 10 proven tactics and strategies you can implement to attract more real estate clients in your local market.

Each section will elaborate extensively on how to execute each strategy for optimal results. Implementing even a few of these techniques can deliver dozens of promising buyer and seller prospects within a short time frame. Let’s get started!

Leverage your sphere of influence

Your sphere of influence consists of the people closest to you – such as friends, family members, relatives, acquaintances, former colleagues and classmates, social connections, business contacts and more. Reach out to everyone in your sphere and let them know you have obtained your real estate license. Offer to set up an exploratory meeting to elaborate on how you can assist with their current or future real estate needs. This begins the process of cementing yourself as their go-to agent.

Also explicitly ask them if they can introduce you to 3-5 additional contacts who may be interested in real estate services. People are usually happy to provide introductions, allowing you to continually expand your sphere’s reach. Send a thoughtful ‘nice to meet you’ note to each new connection and follow up to schedule a discussion.

Host an open house party and invite your entire sphere of influence. Encourage them to bring along a few friends who may be potential real estate clients. Make the event fun and engaging, with food, drinks, music and more. Now you can organically establish rapport with each contact in an informal setting. Nurture these relationships consistently over time. Send market updates, share listings, and invite them to any events you host. This helps convert contacts into clients.

Build a strong online presence

In today’s digital era, establishing a strong online presence is crucial for building credibility and trust in your local market. Start by creating detailed profiles on high-traffic real estate sites like Zillow,, Trulia. Upload professional headshots, client testimonials, listings you have sold or are currently selling, years of experience, specialty areas if any and comprehensive contact information. This creates a permanent, robust online presence so you stay top of mind during home searches.

Be very active on social media platforms like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn. Share interesting listings in your area, local market updates, recently sold home data, open house events, tips for home buyers and sellers etc. Post engaging content consistently to build an audience and nurture relationships over time. Go live on Facebook during open houses. Respond promptly to DMs, comments and tags.

Launch your own email newsletter to establish yourself as an authority. Share market trends, interesting listings, homes recently sold in each neighborhood, tips for buyers and sellers, local community news and more. This demonstrates your in-depth knowledge while keeping you top of mind so readers refer you first.

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Network, network, network

Attend local real estate meetups, conventions, conferences, networking events and open houses. Introduce yourself to everyone and collect business cards. Follow up within 24 hours by email or phone. Share that it was great meeting them, and you’d be happy to assist if they need any real estate services or advice. Offer to send market updates, new listings etc.

Join your local real estate association if not already a member. Look for opportunities to get involved by volunteering for committees, boards and other roles. This significantly raises your profile and visibility within the local real estate community. Make sure to actively contribute at industry events by asking thoughtful questions and sharing your expertise. Over time, you will be recognized as an authority.

Introduce yourself to other real estate agents in your geographic farming area. Get to know them on a personal level and refer clients to each other periodically. Consistent give and take helps nurture relationships that deliver dividends for years to come.

Hold open houses

Hosting open houses is a great opportunity to establish direct contact with serious home buyers. Volunteer to hold open houses for listings represented by other agents. Be sure to capture key contact information from every visitor by having them register. Follow up within 24 hours with each open house visitor by email and/or phone. Quickly establish rapport, answer any questions and offer your services.

The listing agent also appreciates the referrals you provide from visitors who may not be ready to make an offer. Make sure to send the listing agent a thoughtful thank you note afterwards along with lead contact details. This helps nurture that relationship too.

Have printed brochures, business cards, copies of your latest newsletter ready to distribute at the open house. This helps visitors remember your name and expertise. Holding open houses for other agents allows you to meet more potential buyers in less time.

Door knocking

Door knocking can be extremely effective when done strategically and consistently. Pick out a promising neighborhood or geographic farm area you’d like to specialize in. Spend a few hours each week knocking doors and introducing yourself as the local real estate specialist. Offer a free home valuation or ‘porch consult’ on the spot.

This gets you inside prospective clients’ homes where you can build rapport in a comfortable setting. Collect contact information but don’t worry about pushing for an immediate sale. Focus on initiating and nurturing relationships for future business. Follow up consistently with market updates, tips for increasing home value and reasons to contact you when ready to buy or sell.

Host educational seminars

Hosting free seminars is a great way to demonstrate your expertise to an engaged local audience. Pick topics that attract real estate investors, home buyers and sellers, such as ‘Steps to sell your home for top dollar in 30 days or less’. Invite local experts like mortgage brokers, real estate attorneys and home inspectors to present short segments as well. This establishes you as a knowledgeable agent who can assemble a team of professionals.

Make sure to have attendees register so you capture their contact information. Follow up with each participant within 24 hours by email and phone. Quickly establish rapport, answer any questions and offer your services. Send periodic value-added content to remain top of mind. Educational seminars position you as a specialist in buyers’ and sellers’ minds.

Partner with lenders, attorneys, contractors

Develop strategic partnerships with mortgage lenders, real estate attorneys, home inspectors, contractors and other real estate professionals in your area. Offer to exchange buyer and seller leads and referrals regularly. For example, you could run a marketing campaign with mortgage lenders using co-marketing templates and split the cost!

Also co-host a seminar together or coordinate an open house weekend. Jointly distribute content promoting each other. There are many possibilities – the key is collaborating on initiatives that are mutually beneficial. This expands your reach and visibility in the market exponentially.

Advertise online

Run Google and Facebook ads targeted specifically home buyers and sellers in your desired geographic farm area. Make the messaging educational yet compelling. For example “10 Costly Mistakes to Avoid When Selling Your Home in Roseville”. This establishes your expertise.

Focus on reaching buyers actively searching for homes in your area. Retarget people who visited your website with additional relevant content like market updates, new listings, blog posts etc. Stay top of mind so you get the call when they are ready to make a move.

Content marketing

Consistently create educational real estate content like blog posts, FAQs, checklists, videos and podcast episodes. Distribute via your website, social media and email newsletter. Focus on addressing common pain points and questions from home buyers and sellers.

For example, create content like “How to Price Your Santa Clara Home Correctly in 2023’s Market” or “9 Curb Appeal Tips To Maximize Your Home’s Value Before Listing”. Try interviews with local experts. Promote your content across channels to cement yourself as a trusted authority readers refer to frequently.

Direct mail campaigns

Execute targeted direct mail campaigns to expired listings, for sale by owners or specific neighborhoods. For example, send ‘just listed’ and ‘just sold’ postcards to immediate neighbors of your new listings. Mail market updates and value-added content quarterly to your geographic farm area.

Follow up with phone calls to start a dialogue. Offer free home valuations for future selling needs. This demonstrates your command of the local market and commitment to service. Direct mail, when done consistently, can generate dozens of promising leads.

Recap: How to Find Clients for Real Estate

As you can see, learning how to find clients for real estate takes persistence, creativity and a multifaceted approach. There are numerous strategies you can implement consistently to build your reputation, expertise and sphere of influence in your local market over time. Don’t get discouraged if it takes effort to gain momentum. Stay focused on nurturing relationships, providing value and positioning yourself as the trusted advisor. If you follow the tactics outlined here diligently, the buyer and seller prospects will come.


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